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Managing the “offline” experience of those coming to your premises can be a challenge. You want to skip all the waiting and confusion, and if you do have people waiting at your premises, you want to skip their frustration!

With 5F Concierge, you can leverage online and digital to manage, support, and report your entire people processes, as well as hear from visitors themselves what their experience was like. A well-managed user journey can yield a safer work environment for your staff, improved service time, better crowd control, more informed users, an auditable journey, and most of all, a better user experience.


Implementation of 5F Concierge has led to lower wait times, smaller wait areas, faster processing times and better resource management, as well as reduced incidents of violence or crowding in facilities due to dissatisfaction and angst.


What are some things Concierge can do?

  • Enable online self check in or self check in via a kiosk
  • Allow visitors to book slots for visitation in line with your facility regulations
  • Allow staff to book desks, view availability, and choose desks near fellow staff to enable easy hotdesking and rotation shifts
  • Minimise or even eliminate on-premise waiting
  • Automatically display queue position on screens for those waiting, such as at a clinic or bank
  • Display engaging content to occupy waiting users, such as anagrams or soothing footage
  • Give you thorough reports on every visitation, every step of the way
  • Administer feedback surveys to users with custom questions that matter to your brand (instrumental in improving NPS ratings!)
  • Give you accessibility options, such as multilingual text for culturally diverse users


In essence, Concierge is a master program that can manage multiple workflows, whether they revolve around staff, visitors, managing queues and waiting, collecting feedback, or any other bespoke workflow that allows you to utilise your resources maximally.


Our Concierge solution has been deployed at large Australian government health and aged care organisations to manage visitors during COVID-19. Outside of COVID-19, our wait and queue management has been deployed at the likes of Bupa to reduce floor space, keep waiting customers engaged, and minimise the guesswork and frustration involved in the wait process.

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