Digital Kiosks

Digital signage kiosk solutions help to automate your processes and provide a consistent brand experience.

Self-service information

Instant information is a touchscreen away

Digital kiosk solutions can be used for many different applications. At Five Faces, we specialise in customising a solution to suit your needs and audience. You can use kiosks for:

  • Visitor registration and check in to streamline your operations
  • Data collection, feedback forms and guest books
  • Self-service information, including being able to email collateral, review product information, obtain recommendations based on needs, get directions to products, check stock and prices
  • Entertainment, such as kids tablet kiosks in waiting areas

Kiosk capabilities

Whatever the application, kiosks from Five Faces provide a highly secure, reliable and efficient mode of providing information and data collection. You can:

  • Securely display websites or bespoke applications
  • Gain central management, monitoring and control via the Five Faces Platform
  • Lock down the tablet (Windows/Android/Apple) to only function as you wish, with the ability to be controlled remotely
  • Collect information from devices and integrate with your back end systems, or receive them as a simple Excel file
  • Obtain reports on how often devices are being used, how they are used and what the users are doing
  • Display advertisements to recoup revenue from vendors or promote your own products
  • Choose from a wide variety of hardware, with tablet sizes from 8 inch to 22 inch tablets and larger kiosks available


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