Five Faces Platform

When you start adding digital touchpoints in your physical premises, there’s one thing that’s crucial: central control. That’s where it’s important to make sure you’re using the best digital signage software.

A unified platform

Share content across multiple digital touchpoints

The Five Faces Platform is an enterprise cloud-based platform that allows the central control of all smart devices. Whether you have digital screens, interactive directories, tablets, mobile phones or a combination – they are managed together from the same platform.

One platform means one unified view, one place to publish, and one vendor to deal with – no hassles with third-party providers and multiple vendors.

The Five Faces Platform has been deployed internationally across Australia, North America, New Zealand and Asia to 2,000 devices. At one customer alone, 250,000 consumers per month use Five Faces devices.


  • Provide timely, informative and relevant messages to users with the ability to control content remotely, even from a mobile device.
  • Enhance the experience of your users by having full visibility over system status while receiving detailed reports on interaction.
  • Provide more targeted messaging by allowing local site personnel to control content.
  • Increase efficiency by having one platform to manage your digital signage, kiosks and other devices.
  • Minimise costs and operational requirements with a fully-managed and hosted solution.
  • Increase data collection efficiencies by digitally gathering data and information from your audience and integrating with your loyalty programs/databases.
  • Build automation by integrating the platform and devices to your existing information systems and mobile apps.
  • Schedule content on one, multiple or all screens at various times, for example at specific times to coincide with a product launch.
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