People Counting / On-Premise Analytics

There’s a new wave of analytics available for your physical environment, with deeper insights available than ever before.  People counting and facial recognition offer advanced learning.

Go deeper with data

Powerful solutions bring advanced insights

The insights you can gain with today’s technology bring a new level of sophistication to your operations. It’s about capturing and analysing data on your physical environment, including tracking equipment and people, understanding traffic flow, people counting, and facial recognition.

Understand more about your audience: not just the numbers, but who, when, where, and most importantly – why.

People counting

There’s a lot more to people counting than just counting people. Today’s technology can tell you the demographics of who’s entering your physical environment and how they move around. A heat map will show you precisely which areas of your store are losing out on foot traffic. With advanced analytics, you can:

  • Measure the impact of marketing campaigns on both foot traffic and sales
  • Tailor the content of digital screens to the visitor in front of them – for example promoting younger fashion styles to teens, VIP offers to cardholders with an RFID tag, or kids’ meal offerings to families.
  • Make informed decisions about where to put visual merchandising displays based on traffic patterns
  • Use demographic data to inform decisions about marketing campaigns and what to stock – for each location
  • Compare sales vs traffic across multiple outlets
  • Verify foot traffic claims and use your own data in lease negotiations

Facial recognition

Facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are now becoming mainstream, and have many applications in your physical environment. These include:

  • Hospital emergency rooms can identify aggressive behaviour at the earliest opportunity and put alerts in place
  • Banks can recognise VIP customers or customers who have visited another branch already that day (and need to jump the queue)
  • Universities can recognise their students and provide tailored information, such as the location of their next class
  • Retailers with high value stock can identify potential shoplifters, for example by pinpointing people who visit multiple outlets on a single day
  • A virtual concierge can be added to digital screens such as welcome kiosks or wayfinding screens. We use Amazon Sumerian – take a look.

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